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Commission Information

Custom Button


I'll make anything you want on a button.

<< Example: FrostIron button commission



Sketch- $4

Color- $8

*$3 per extra character



Sketch- $6

Color- $13

*$4 per extra character

Full Body

Sketch- $10

Color- $22

*$7 per extra character


  • I have the right to refuse any art I am uncomfortable or feel unskilled enough to draw.

  • Payments done through PAYPAL please.

  • Additional fees may apply due to complexities of drawings.

  • All payments must be made before the art is given.

  • Please provide references or poses.

  • Please feel free to email me with any questions.

My Email: [email protected]

Please Send All Paypal payments to this email as a gift with the commission info in the description. Make sure to specify if you want it digital or traditional. Also I have the option of sending the picture to you via mail if you wish.